Can I send a fax from here?

Rick asked Jagath why she was so scared.

The fatigue had nearly exhausted him, and the sharks only waited for the first quiet moment to swallow their victim.

Are parents rational about their children?

He rested his tired limbs.

He was rowing against a gentle current.

I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry.

I knew what you meant.

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That just baffles me.

Get up for a moment.

He assumed full responsibility for it.

You've dropped your pen.

Stop him.


Rudolph seldom talks about himself.

Teri might've been drunk.

The baker is a good man.


I told Tobias not to come here.


No notice was taken of his efforts.

She opened her backpack.

Chuck bought a camera just a couple of days ago, but he's already lost it.

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Isn't that dangerous?

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I want to find out what happened.


Pantelis was beaten black and blue.

I went drinking last night with Daniel.

I got up 10 minutes ago.

We're touched.

Are you sure you're ready to do this?

I feel as if I could fly.

The meeting might not be so bad.

The day was beginning to break.

He is a foreigner who does not speak French.


Dawn's dew evaporates in the mild sunbeams.


I would like to take that trip with you.

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I thought it was a foul ball.

Marry in haste, repent in leisure.

Can I do it for you?

Dan beat up Linda's brother, Matt.

They believed her.


Don't worry, you did well.

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Perry was lonely and he wished he had someone to talk to.

Let's play poker.

Some communities kept their own languages and cultures.

Rahul was very talented.

The situation worsened.

Why don't you have dinner with me tonight?

The cutlery has disappeared.

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Shuvra isn't fussy.

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You can take either road to get to the park.

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Everyone has a name.

You're going to leave for London next Sunday, aren't you?

Written as it is in plain English, the book is useful for beginners.

Graeme kicked Bart in the shin.

I've decided to jog every morning.


Bert eats very little.

Let's go over to your girlfriend's place!

That'll be inconvenient.

You will have dinner, won't you?

You never know where you will be lucky.

The army advanced on the enemy.

I thought you stopped dating him.

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I would've done the same thing, I think.

It's been a long time since my girlfriend left.

The world is full of fools.

I've never won anything in my life.

Clark did better than I expected him to do.


We will never forget the day the typhoon ruined the crops.


Marla swims quite fast.

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The director of the school wants to close the canteen and create a new recreation room for the students.


The sun disappeared behind a cloud.


Hockey goalies wear pads on their legs to help protect them and to prevent the other team from scoring.


It's never too late to learn.

Please fetch me a chair from the next room.

He outshouted his classmates.

Shall we go to a little more upscale restaurant?

Ravindranath has been here ever since.

Why don't you take the cat out with you?

Lester and Dory were speaking in French, so I had no idea what they were talking about.

That idea was a springboard for further discussions about sex.

Jiro seems to have missed the train.

I don't negotiate.

I told you to stay in the room.

I'm on a diet and would like to know if chocolate makes you fat.

It's hard to believe Walter would do something like that.

I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Three fourth of the earth surface are covered with water.

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I'm just not sure.


I'm writing a sentence in German.


Emma gave up trying to convince Piotr to babysit his kids.


I haven't seen you for ages.

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I want to be a leader that people can respect.

Eliot just shook his head and didn't say anything.

You must consider this problem as a whole.

What drives you?

List can't do it all himself.

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Give those cookies to her.

All that time the things granddad had said, like the sound of flies flying round a melon, buzzed in my head.

We talked about what had happened to us when we were kids.

I'm here all the time.

Isometric exercise is good for muscle tone, but doesn't provide much of a cardiovascular workout.

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The movie was too long.


Al is ready now.

That man is a newspaper columnist.

The man must work.

She looked for her ring earnestly.

Cross the bridge.


Yes, you can celebrate anything you want.


Who invited you here?

Some people criticized our decision.

Do you know how I can get there?

Ira is doing a little matchmaking.

I just need to find out why Piete didn't come.

If it wasn't for Sonny, you'd probably be dead now.

That is a heart.


I've never liked this.


OK, I think we can begin.

You are beautiful to such an extent that everyone loves you.

Thousands of Americans have a hard time keeping the wolf from the door.

You're not very encouraging.

Master, my time is up; I must go home and see my poor mother once more: so pray pay me my wages and let me go.

The farmer pitched the hay onto the wagon.

The pottery was baked by fire.

We sailed from Yokohama to Kobe.

The sound is coming from inside the house.


They all knew.

Archie was feeling a little guilty.

My grandfather speaks very slowly.

Nothing can stop her.

I'm disappointed to hear that.

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It's only for a few weeks.

That was lamentable.

Look at him. He doesn't deserve that.

Johnnie tried to make the best of a bad situation.

We want to do it right.

I won't do it again.

He has more money than he can use.

Janet promised Stu that he wouldn't get into trouble.

They haven't called.


Forty-eight hours is how many minutes?

I like maths.

I've always taken care of you, haven't I?


The toilet is over there.

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Give us some help.

The typhoon became weaker and changed into a storm.

I won't translate such a negative sentence.

Everything is ready.

I was only hired temporarily.

Huashi was going to sign it, but decided not to.

Yes, we have two children.


Over one hundred people came here.

Okay, you caught me.

Kirk doesn't put sugar in his coffee.

Don't be so noisy, please.

The city has many broad streets.


Pascal couldn't rule out the possibility that someone had lit his house on fire.

It is imperative for you to act at once.

I hurt my knee when I was playing soccer.


I think Seth is the only one here who knows where Holly lives.